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La donna è mobile

Alessandro Fantini sings La donna è mobile

The famous aria La donna è mobile, sung by the tenor Alessandro Fantini, is now available on Spotify

Also available on Apple Music, YouTube Music, Deezer and other major music streaming platforms

The tenor Alessandro Fantini sings La donna è mobile. A real showcase for tenors and probably the most popular piece of Giuseppe Verdi’s entire opera production. Aria is in the key of B major. Its vocal range extends from F♯3 to B4.

Alessandro Fantini sings Giuseppe Verdi’s La donna è mobile: listen to it on Spotify

Listen to La donna è mobile on Apple Music

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The opera aria La donna è mobile (The woman is fickle)

La donna è mobile is the song of the Duke of Mantua, from the third act of the opera Rigoletto. It is one of the most popular pieces of the entire international opera repertoire.

It is said that its composer, Giuseppe Verdi, had forbidden its diffusion before the opera went on stage in order not to ruin its effect. In fact, it seems that the musician, not trusting the tenor destined to sing it in the first performance, scheduled for 11 March 1851 at the Teatro La Fenice in Venice, decided to let him listen to it only a few hours before the show. This is to prevent the gondoliers from disclosing it in advance to all citizens.
The first performance took place, the opera went well. La donna è mobile very well, spreading all over the world. So much so that, over time, even non-connoisseurs of opera will know it, even in daring goliardic parodies.

Even today, many years later and with many operas composed subsequently, La donna è mobile certainly occupies one of the first places, in terms of universal popularity, among the pages composed by Giuseppe Verdi. Surely for the ease of the musical motif, probably for the text, which today would be defined without hesitation as “politically incorrect”.

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